Data Science

Finding solutions for the challenges of data collection and analysis that occur in most modern services, from digital assistant Alice to Yandex.Weather
Who will benefit from this course
Anyone who wants to tackle challenges using data analysis, offer solutions, and evaluate their effectiveness in the real world, not just in synthetic experiments.
What you’ll learn
Statistics, machine learning, and how to work with different types of data.
How you’ll apply it
Data is the foundation of most modern services and products, from weather forecasting apps to self-driving cars. Data Scientists conduct experiments, build metrics, optimize services, and discover their growth points.


Each student must complete at least three courses per semester. If there are two courses in the core curriculum, you need to select one of the elective courses.

First semester
Algorithms and data structures, part 1
Probability theory (half-semester course)
Programming in Python
Second semester
Machine learning, part 1
Third semester
Machine learning, part 2
Natural language processing
Computer vision
Fourth semester
Recommended elective courses
Deep learning
Reinforcement learning
Self-driving cars
Information retrieval