The Yandex School of Data Analysis is at the forefront of computer science. We share knowledge — and strive to create it. The Yandex School of Data Analysis cooperates with major universities and is an official partner of CERN. Under the guidance of Yandex staff, our students work on scientific research and speak at leading international AI conferences.

I chose to pursue a career in science and not industrial programming, because I want to develop the field of Computer Science — and if you work for a corporation, your solution usually only benefits the direct client. Modern machine learning is designed in such a way that it is impossible to implement a product without a scientific component. There is a «communal pot» of scientific achievements to which scientists bring their research and from which industrial developers can draw ideas to create new technologies.

Anastasia Popova, 2019 graduate

The Yandex School of Data Analysis has deep and strong ties to Yandex Research. The School’s students perform research and write papers for A*-ranked conferences with the help of Yandex researchers.

Collaboration with LHCb and CERN

Employees of the group of international research projects focus on applying machine learning and data analysis in physics.
Main research interests: