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What is the Yandex School of Data Analysis

The two-year Yandex program was created in 2007 and has become Russia’s leading data analysis program. Courses from the Yandex School of Data Analysis serve as the foundation for Master’s programs at major universities, such as the Higher School of Economics and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.
A flexible program for those who want to explore machine learning and work in the IT industry
Tailored courses from Russian and international scientists and specialists
Homework assignments that replicate real-life tasks in IT
A diploma that is recognized in major international companies


Lectures and seminars are conducted by Yandex staff, professors of leading universities, and researchers working in the newest areas of computer science.


The Yandex School of Data Analysis cooperates with major educational and scientific organizations:

Computer Science Center

A joint educational initiative of the Yandex School of Data Analysis, JetBrains and the Computer Science club. CS teaches software development, modern computer science, and data analysis. Study in the latter is equivalent to studying at a branch of the Yandex School of Data Analysis.
Saint Petersburg


Annual intensive data analysis program from the creators of the Yandex School of Data Analysis, with a focus on project activities. Graduates of Y-Data receive a certificate from the Yandex School of Data Analysis. Conducted in English.